Co-Working Session for Entrepreneurs

Co-Working Session for Entrepreneurs


June 19, 2024    
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


beGreen Salad Company
Plaça de la Porta de la Mar, 4, València, 46004

Welcome to the most dynamic co-working session in Valencia for entrepreneurs!

Working from home every day can get monotonous and isolating. That’s why we’ve created a weekly co-working session where you can break free from the home office, meet like-minded people, and most importantly, get sh*t done!

Why join us?

Connect and collaborate: Meet fellow entrepreneurs, share experiences and find potential collaborators.
Boost productivity: Our structured sessions with Pomodoro timers help you stay focused and productive.
Learn and grow: Exchange tips, tools, and resources with other members to enhance your skills and knowledge.

What to expect:


  • Share who you are and what you do.
  • Share 3 fun facts about yourself.
  • Share your goal for the session and any challenges you need help with.

Focused work sessions:

  • Work with Pomodoro timers: four 30-minute focused sessions with 5-minute breaks in between.


  • Reflect on your session goals and share your progress.
  • Share favorite tools or resources for work and organization.
  • Connect and find potential collaborations.

Why our sessions stand out:

Vibrant community: Join a supportive network of 1000s of entrepreneurs who elevate each other.
Proven success: Our previous events have been incredibly successful, fostering connections and growth.
Limited seats: Count on an intimate and effective environment with limited seats. Please RSVP to secure your spot.

Important details:

RSVP required: You must RSVP before attending and join our Telegram community at
Attendance policy: Anyone who hasn’t RSVPd will be turned away. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance or no-shows will not be allowed at future sessions.

Come join us, have fun, get sh*t done, learn from each other, get help in your less-strong areas and find potential collaborations. Don’t miss out – reserve your spot now!

Important: We will film parts of the session, and content will be shared on our social media. When joining the event, you agree to being filmed and have photos taken of you.


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